COVID-19 saw a boom in home-based businesses. Many of my friends tried their hand at selling their creations – be it food, art or even music. It’s now a viable way to earn a liveable wage from a Singaporean home.

While I notice that word-of-mouth is a really huge thing to boost sales, that’s not enough. Also, our elderly population who might not be as tech-savvy will miss out on such opportunities.

Hence, I decided to build this site to scour home-based businesses’ (HBBs) information from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. I’m still a newbie in website development and I’m doing this with my free time and money. Hence, I appreciate your help to populate information on our local HBBs, especially those owned by our sweet grannies and grandpas! (Optional: Spare a dollar or two to support the operations of this website)

Let’s support our society’s vibrant entrepreneurship spirit!


Note: Founder is a 20-something person who decided to start this without any planning whatsoever. is born on 17 November 2022. Want to work with us? Send us an email to!

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